What are the benefits of naturism for you? Real quotes from Irish Naturists

We have asked our members of Irish Naturist Association what it means for them to be naturists and what are the benefits they can observe.

Here real answers in their own words:

Naturism is the best way to totally disconnect from the stresses of this world and thus the best form of relaxation that I know of.

It’s a way to practice my beliefs of equality and non-discrimination with myself and others. Learning to let go of physical shame. Exploring the freedoms and ease when the body is unencumbered by clothes, pretence. Healing past body image issues. Learning to relate to others, feeling safe and accepted for my true self.

Swimwear is the most useless piece of clothing. It doesn‘t keep you warm, it doesn‘t keep you dry, all it does is cause you discomfort. When you get out of the water, the rest of your body dries quickly and you are left with cold, clammy swimwear sticking to you in all the wrong places.

The complete liberation it gives us in terms of a real sense of freedom from normal day living and its pressures, it is so grounding. Also complete and utter joyful and powerful feeling one gets of being as close to mother nature and her natural states, it really is so beautifully natural.

The first naturist event was the first time I felt comfortable and accepting of myself since becoming a full-time wheelchair user, I feel more at ease with other people without hiding myself behind clothes.

Everyone is equal when naked. No brands to show financial status. Equal and in nature.

For those of us with a skin condition  we know that the naturist community you share time with enjoy the company and they have no interest in the condition, so there is no embarrassment, nothing but total and complete respect for each other!

I’ve always been the chubby kid and had low self-esteem. From 10 to 30!! But it all changed for me when I started to go naturist. I’ve realised I’m perfect the way I am and I can’t believe the amount of confidence I’ve gained in such a short space of time.

There is an irony about being naked in that it actually makes you less rather than more self-conscious about your body. In a textile environment, whether on the beach or indeed anywhere, I am constantly aware of my physical appearance, wondering whether the clothes suit me, or some body parts look too big or too small. Conversely, being naked amongst genuine naturists is actually the only environment where I can truly relax, as I know that nobody is judging my body and I feel free, empowered and 100% at ease with myself, which makes me proud of my new nonchalance about my body.


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