10 arguments in support of naturism

There is a well-known article called “205 Arguments and Observations in Support of Naturism”, compiled in 1996 by K.Bacher.

We have summarised here what we consider the 10 most compelling ideas:

1) The sense of freedom that naturism offers is consistently rated by naturists as one of the main reasons they live that way.

2) Naturism is highly compatible with the ideals of a natural, simple, and environmentally friendly lifestyle. When nude, people feel much more a part of a natural environment.

3) Naturism promotes wholeness of body, rather than setting aside parts of the body as unwholesome and shameful.

4) Clothing hides the natural diversity of human body shapes and sizes and hides and therefore creates ignorance about natural bodies.

5) Naturism where everyone is accepted is the opposite of the body fascism where only “the beautiful people” can be seen nude.

6) Naturism is tolerant of others and their differences. Nudity promotes social and sexual equality, feelings of unity with others and a more relaxed social interaction in general. Naturists tend to be especially sociable and accepting of other people, just as they are, not measured against some artificial social standard.

7) Countries with fewer hang-ups about nudity have lower teen pregnancy and abortion rates.

8) Children are not born with any shame about nudity. They are conditioned to be ashamed of their own nudity. The dominant idea that clothing is necessary for reasons of modesty is a cultural assumption, not biologically instinctive. Children who grow up in a naturist setting tend to be more self-confident, more self-accepting, and more sexually well-adjusted.

9) Nudity is not, by itself, erotic, and nudity in mixed groups is not inherently sexual. Sexuality is a matter of intent rather than state of dress. Complete nudity is antithetic to pornography and the elaborate semi-pornography of the fashion industry.

10) There are times when clothing is uncomfortable and unnecessary (swimming, sauna, hot weather).

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