My amazing bodypainting experience

My bodypaint experience
I had heard of the World Naked Bike Ride Cork and signed up for it in 2016 but cancelled at the last minute just because I chickened out.
In 2017 everything seemed a lot easier; my friends and I we’re visiting another friend who lives in Cork on the same weekend as the WNBR.
I told my friends I was going to take part and they all seemed happy for me but unwilling to take part themselves.
The WNBR starts at 3pm, I showed up about 2.30 expecting someone to just throw a bit of paint on me and write a little slogan on my back. How little I knew!
There must have been about 100 artists and models covered head to toe in the brightest most vivid colours with an incredible level of detail on each model and all completely different as they had been painting since 10am. I just walked into an Aladdin’s cave of wonder.
I introduced myself to the organiser, clearly very busy!
He just looked at me and said: “Well, you better get naked quick, we’re leaving in a minute”, I was nervous now!
I stripped down to my underwear and thought this is good enough for me for now.
At 3pm the convoy got underway, we stepped into the sunshine and wow the colours of the bodypaint became even brighter. With bells ringing, riders shouting and laughing we got moving.
I didn’t know Cork city at the time so I was just following the crowd, we cycled for 2 hours stopping in UCC for a few photographs.
There was a wedding on at the time and the smiling bride and groom joined us for a few snaps. We cycled slowly through the city stopping at all the traffic lights as cars blew their horns in support.
At one set of lights a bus pulled up beside us and a young girl eye’s just lite up as she recognised what we were doing.
Everyone we passed on the route stopped, smiled, clapped and cheered us along. I felt amazing, being part of something so positive and joyful.

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