2018 – What a year! naked dining .. nude gallery exhibitions and much much more!!

Looking back, 2018 must be the most event filled year to date for the INA. It was a year with so many first-time activities!! We also increased the frequency of swims in both in Cahir and Ballinasloe and gained affiliation to the Clean Coasts Group.

Our first overseas outing was in February to the largest sauna complex on the planet, Therme Erding on the outskirts of Munich. 15 INA members made the day trip. A day where we were spoilt for choice due to the variety of saunas and steam rooms on offer.

The 13th February brought us to Dog’s Bay in beautiful remote Connemara. Four naturists braved the elements to conduct a thorough clean-up.

5th May was World Naked Gardening Day, it was a glorious early summers day. 40 members availed of the opportunity to tour the magnificent Corke Lodge gardens in Shankill, Co. Dublin. It was a truly memorable occasion.

cork lodge 2

Credit Photo : Paul Kolbe

On the 29th May 2018 in collaboration with Art Nude Ireland the Irish Naturist Association had organised a private viewing for the evening of the 29th May at The Inspire Gallery. The appeal of the event took the organisers by surprise: Over 100 people registered to attend a private nude viewing of the Art Nude Ireland exhibition The Body”.

A first-time event – the exhibition was so well received and so thoroughly enjoyed. The managers of In-spire Gallery, where the exhibition took place, were delighted for the opportunity of this unique naked collaboration.


Credit Photo : Paul Kolbe

Following on from this viewing, one of the participating photographers, Doug Ross gave a presentation about Art Nude Ireland at our AGM.

The AGM was again held in the Lough Allen Hotel. A most enjoyable experience with so many members relaxing and socialising together. Leticia scheduled in a nude Spanish class which focused on vocabulary that would be useful on naturist holidays.

On the summer solstice we celebrated Spencer Tunick’s 10th anniversary with a small re-enactment early in the morning on the South Wall. And in July we had our first island excursion. Our destination was historic Dalkey Island, we departed in two groups from Bullock Harbour on a very favourable day weather-wise.


Both Ballyfermot and Monaghan Leisure Centres grew in popularity as the year advanced with the facilities at both locations proving to be very appealing to members.

2018 was the year we had our first nude dining event. The first 18 to register were treated with a combination of Spanish/Venezuelan cuisine in the House of Salads. It was such an enjoyable experience that we returned again 2 months later.

September led to our first official INA ‘adventure’ in Cork city. This was the first time we would have three events in the one day – all in Co. Cork. The day started with two sessions of naked laughing yoga. A first for many of us but it certainly set the tone for what was to be a very satisfying day. Also, as part of the occasion we organised a collection for the ‘Bare to Care’ charity.

Straight afterwards it was on to the Crawford Gallery for the Naked Truth exhibition.Nearly 70 participants partook who had pre-registered through Eventbrite. Due to the large number we broke into two groups for the private tour. As the museum was closed to the public we could wander freely throughout the premises.


Credit Photo : Paul Kolbe

That evening we descended on Fermoy Leisure Centre. It was a first time visit and we were immediately taken with its very modern facilities. It was a great way to unwind after such a busy day and we immediately set about making plans for it to be a regular venue.

In October, our Event Coordinator attended INF world congress in Lisbon. Leticia could proudly publicise our growing membership base and diverse event calendar.

Towards the end of the year we marketed Black Friday Promotion and Cyber Monday Special aimed at attracting new younger members.

Throughout the year there wasn’t a month that went by without a beach clean-up or naturist hike. In fact, our last event was a very successful winter solstice beach clean-up in Sallymount on the 20th December.

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