Scared to Bare


Scared to Bare

It should be the most natural thing in the world. We came into this world bare. Clothes are thrust upon us by well-meaning parents and enthusiastic present-bearers, and from then on we are encouraged, actually make that forced to cover up.

Today we live in a society that appears to be at odds with itself. On one side, it is more sexualised than ever. You are one click away from a tsunami of pornography, but we are increasingly squeamish it seems, to let a child swim in the sea with no clothes on, in case the wrong person might catch a glimpse.

My story is probably very familiar. I carry around the feeling that I  would be happier if I could only wear fewer clothes from time to time. I am not an exhibitionist; I don’t get a kick from it. It just feels more natural.

But I felt isolated. Am I weird? Some would say yes, but maybe these people are not my people.

Outing yourself comes fraught with danger and prejudices. Which is why I am writing this now. I found someone through a work network site who told me that I am normal.

She told me that there are others who feel the way I do. And I am now contemplating my first outing. What am I scared about? Well, most of the things that I seem to have been programmed to be afraid of up until now. Will my body looks weird, what if my penis looks small? What if I am caught staring at breasts? Will I offend someone? Will I get in trouble? I know my heart will race, I know that it should feel normal. Isn’t it a shame that it isn’t?

Within the next week or so I am going to break my naturism duck. Pop my nudist cherry. Aside from some solitary walks on secluded beaches, I have never taken the plunge to be around others naked. To chat, walk, be free.

Watch this space.


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